22 Gift Ideas For Pellet Grill Owners For 2022

Traeger pellet grill

Pellet grills have become increasingly popular and let me tell you, pellet grill owners are very passionate about smoking meat! With the holiday season quickly approaching, we wanted to lay out the best gifts for pellet grill owners in 2022.

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or another type of gift, we have you covered. A lot of these gifts are multi purpose and make great gifts for the grill as well. So without further ado, below is a list of awesome gift ideas for pellet grill owners.

1. Pellet Grill Searing Plates

Searing grate for pellet smokerPellet grills are a convection style cooker meaning that the meat never receives direct heat. This is great for most types of meats that are traditionally smoked, but it doesn’t allow meats like steaks or burgers to get those sear marks.

These searing plates are made from high quality metal that absorbs heat and evenly distributes it across the surface. These grill grates get hot enough to give you perfect sear marks every time. Enjoy the smoky taste without sacrificing those wonderful sear marks! This is a must have product for any pellet grill owner. 

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2. Pellet Smoker Tube

The most common complaint from pellet grill owners is that they aren’t getting enough smoke flavor into their meat. Pellet smoker tubes are great for adding additional smoke flavor. Simply fill the tube with pellets, set one end on fire, and let it burn inside the cooking chamber. 

These pellet smoking tubes are also great for cold smoking fish and cheese as the produce smoke without producing much heat.

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3. Pellet Storage Bin

When not in use, pellets needs to be properly stored and protected from the elements. Humidity and rain can ruin pellets and create a mess to clean up. This container hold up to 20 lbs. of pellets and has an air tight, weather proof lid. This will keep your pellets fresh and ready to go for the next smoke.

The mesh basket also helps separate the wood dust from the pellets for a clean burn and provide a scoop for easy transfer.

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4. Mesh Smoking Mats

Mesh grill mats are great for cooking smaller food and vegetables. They allow air flow and smoke to reach the food all while keeping the food from falling in between the grill grates. They are also washable and reusable making these a great addition for any pellet grill owner.

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5. LED BBQ Light

Smoking meat is an all day process and often times we have to be up at the crack of dawn to get our meat on the smoker. Led lights are great for allowing you to see what you are doing either before the sun rises or after the sun sets. These lights are water proof, heat resistant, and have a magnetic base allowing them to stick to pellet grills.

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6. Rub Gift Set

A variety pack of rubs makes a great gift for anyone who owns a pellet grill. We are always looking for new rubs and spices to try out. This gift set above comes with 5 different rubs for chicken, steak, pork, seafood, and burgers. It also comes with a pair of tongs and a handy internal temperature guide magnet all packaged nicely in a box.

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7. BBQ Sauce Sampler Gift Set

A BBQ sauce sampler gift box is the perfect gift for those who own pellet smokers. Nothing goes with smoked meat as well as BBQ sauce. This sampler set from Pork Barrel BBQ features some of their award winning sauces including their original sauce, a vinegar sauce, a sweet sauce, and a mustard sauce. They are also all gluten free!

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8. Oklahoma Joe’s 3-Piece Knife Set

This 3 piece knife set includes a brisket knife, a boning knife, and a utility knife offering pellet grill owners the versatility to trim, slice and more when preparing or serving meat . The riveted, full tang handle design helps add strength and stability when slicing. This set also comes with the protective roll to keep knifes stored properly.

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9. Extra Large Wood Cutting Block

Another great gift for pellet grill owners, is a wood cutting block. This bamboo cutting block offers BBQ enthusiasts an extremely durable cutting board to slice and serve meat. The special grooved design helps capture juices making clean up much easier. This cutting board is also very large sitting at 24×16 inches providing plenty of space for our large cuts of meat.

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10. BBQ Apron

BBQ aprons are incredibly handy for pitmasters as it allows them to keep all their tools close to them. It also keeps the meat juices off! This apron has a universal fit and is made of high quality material that will last. It can be used for grilling, smoking and much more. They also include a towel and a bottle opener making this a great gift for pellet grill owners.

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11. Instant Read Thermometer

Making great BBQ comes down to cooking to the correct internal temperature. Instant read thermometers are a must have tool for anyone who owns a pellet grill. Instant read thermometers tell you the internal temperature of meat allowing you took cook meat precisely. I seriously use this tool multiple times a week.

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12. Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves also make great gifts for pellet grill owners. They allow us to handle meat on the smoker without burning ourselves. Made with food grade rubber, these gloves are waterproof, heat resistant, and oil resistant. They are easily cleaned with soapy water and can be used for more than smoking meat.

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13. Magnetic Tool Holder

These heavy duty magnetic hooks easily attach to any pellet grill and can hold up to 25 lbs. These hooks are great for hanging BBQ tools on a pellet smoker. They are triple coated for long lasting durability and can be used for more than hanging BBQ tools.

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14. Wood Grill Grate Scraper

Traditional grill brushes are made of metal bristles that are easily dislodged and can end up in your food. Wood scrapers are a fantastic alternative and make a great gift for pellet grill owners. These scrapers allow you to clean the pellet grill without having to worry about bristles ending up in your food.

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15. Beer Can Chicken Stand

Beer can chicken is a extremely popular way to smoke a whole chicken as it uses beer to add flavor to the chicken. This beer can chicken stand allows you to hold the chicken upright. Simply pour in your favorite beer, place the chicken on top and place the stand on the smoker. It’s that easy!

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16. Rib Rack

Rib Racks are such a helpful tool for anyone who owns a pellet grill. Rib racks allow you to lay the ribs upright as opposed to flat on the grates. This allows you to maximize the space in your pellet grill and smoke more things. This extra long rack can hold up to 3 full size ribs and has two handles for easy transport.

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17. Sauce Pot With Basting Brush

A sauce pot is another simple gift for a pellet grill owner. It allows you to keep your sauce warm and comes with a built in basting brush for easy application of the sauce. Made from stainless steel, this pot is durable, easy to clean, and hold up to 16 oz of liquid.

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18. Bear Claws

These sturdy, easy to grip bear claws allow you to easily shred or handle chicken, pork, beef and more. Forks and knifes can be a hassle when trying to shred a large pork butt. These claws take the headache away and make pulling your pork butt a breeze. These are an affordable, but great gift for pellet grill owners.

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19. Meat Injector

As a BBQ enthusiast, we are always trying to pack our meat with the most flavor possible. Meat injections are a fantastic way to add flavor an juiciness to smoked meat. I have found that the pistol grip injectors are the easiest and most comfortable to handle. This meat injector also comes with a case, 4 different injector needles, and some cleaning brushes making this a great gift for pellet grill owners.

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20. Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are a unique, but very useful gift for pellet grill owners. Smoked meat typically comes in large quantities with lots of leftovers. Vacuum sealing left over meat is the best way to preserve its freshness and keep your meat for longer periods of time. This is also a versatile tool that can be used in the kitchen for many things!

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21. Jalapeno Popper Tray

Another unique gift for pellet grill owners is a jalapeno popper tray. This tray is perfect for smoking stuffed jalapenos. It can hold up to 24 jalapenos and comes with a handy tool to gut the inside of the jalapenos.

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22. Kabob Skewers

These kabob skewers are great for smoking or grilling. You can use them to hold meat, veggies, and even shrimp. Made from food grade stainless steel, these kabobs are meant to last.

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